Sunday, October 14, 2012

Download the October 14 Ta Yp' Opsin podcast

The October 14 Ta Yp' Opsin (Consider These) news roundup podcast (in Greek) available for download:
First Hour:
-State of the race: the pressure now on Obama
-Free falling Felix and Endeavour’s final journey
- Grueling bargain in Greece and the EU- IMF rift
- Damascus tense and Ankara boiling
- Drone aircrafts and Iranian currency woes
- The two Koreas’ missiles range competition
- China’s slowdown and a "friendly fire" in Mauritania
- Hunger numbers and World Food Day

Plus, in the Second Hour:
- The 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis
-The EU Nobel Peace Prize irony
-Greek Neo-Nazis and zealots attack the arts
-Madonna’s striptease for Malala
- A glimpse of Heaven and Einstein letter on God
- Hot funeral trends and a $150K flower pot sarcophagus
-Apple and an iconic Swiss clock
- A quadrillion euro phone bill and13,000 clowns
- $1 robbery and a fight with a stop sign

Download here:

Ta Yp’Opsin (Consider These) weekly podcast with Greek Chicago journalists Elena Spilioti and George Zorbas. Discussion, analysis and great music!

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