Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CONSIDER THESE considers Italian elections impass

CONSIDER THESE considers: Italian elections impass
In bicameral Italy, where there is no way to govern when the constitution of the two Chambers provide a different majority, scenarios  have been considered even before the electoral process began, yet the results have surprised many –except for those who were listening to the unofficial voice circulating for some time: it could be that the polls were way wrong because many people  eventually did not want to say it out loud that they would be voting for Berlusconi, mainly because of the scandals, yet, they might see him as an alternative to instability – figures will show whether  the high percentage of the  really undecided boosted Grillo. Stability is not happening and the immediate scenarios are logically either a return to the polls or an attempt a form of “governissimo” that would include Bersani, Berlusconi and Grillo ( or his representative since he can’t participate in person due to a previous legal problem – he won’t anyway as he  already said). Reactions of the party and coalition leaders show that none of them seems to like any of these scenarios: elections again would paralyze the country starting now, a “governissmo” would lead to the same a little later due to lack of capacity to make policy decisions and the fact that the constitutional powers of the president of the republic  just leave enough room for consultation  as an effort for the resolution of crises.
So, in search of a third scenario  in Italy already while the Vatican is  entering its own challenging  historic phase.
No wonder Aetna  has started smoking again.

-Elena Spilioti

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