Monday, October 14, 2013

The October 13 news roundup podcast Ta Yp' Opsin (Consider These)

This week on the podcast Ta Yp' Opsin:
- The shutdown and debt ceiling players of the week
- Greek debate: the “good” and the “bad” violence
- A Europe - IMF divorce: what about the children?
- challenges of eliminating Syria’s chemical arsenal
- US and Saudi Arabia at odds over Egypt, Syria, Iran

- 2013 Nobel Prize winners and the flip side of fame
- Azerbaijan: something funny happened the day before voting
- uneasy transition from Playboy model to Spanish teacher
- hard to move ahead with poor problem-solving skills
- FYI: "marriages" with genies are forbidden in Sudan
- it is very hard to be the fourth cat in a New Zealand home

Download and listen here:

Ta Yp’Opsin (Consider These) weekly podcast (in Greek) with Chicago journalists Elena Spilioti and George Zorbas. News, interviews, commentary and great music!

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