Monday, September 10, 2012

A crucial and optimistic Euro week

German judges, Dutch voters, IMF inspectors and Brussels regulators could all spring surprises this week that make it harder to resolve a sovereign debt crisis and prevent a breakup of the single currency.
Germany's constitutional court rules on Wednesday on the legality of the euro zone's permanent financial rescue fund, the European Commission unveils the same day detailed plans for a euro zone banking union, and the Netherlands holds a cliff hanger general election.
Then European finance ministers meet in Cyprus from Friday to try to thrash out differences over banking supervision and possible extra aid for Spain, the zone's fourth biggest economy, and Greece.
Decisions on Spain and Greece are not likely until October, but the talks may point to whether Madrid will apply for European assistance, at the risk of unpalatable conditions and supervision, and whether EU and IMF inspectors are leaning towards allowing a vital aid installment to keep Athens afloat.

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