Monday, September 17, 2012

NHL lockout: In hockey fight, players are right

"Even the biggest daydreamers know that (NHL) players made huge financial concessions during the 2004-05 lockout that resulted in the salary cap, and now they’re being told to do it again by their employers despite playing in a time marked by growth and record-breaking revenues.
It’s those reasons that make it so easy to side with them during the NHL’s third lockout since 1994. If you were employed by a company that was extremely profitable, experiencing unprecedented growth and handing out huge contracts, would you willingly agree to a significant pay cut?
Didn’t think so.
Of course, the lockout is more complicated than that. There are considerable philosophical differences, and rival economists are being employed. Egos and arrogance on both sides also hinder things.
But I don’t think the lockout gets past the most basic level for most players. To them, it’s, “We gave up a lot last time around. We won’t do it again.”
A lot of people and fans can side with that. Not every player is a multimillionaire. Many are three- or four-year grunts who don’t make all that much and whose careers don’t last all that long.
As a result, players are motivated, unified and ready for a fight. The owners’ opening proposal that called for a 24 percent pay cut and new restrictions on contracts, free agency and arbitration only emboldened them..."
- Adam L. Jahns, Chicago Sun-Times

AP News : NHL lockout: In hockey fight, players are right

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