Monday, November 12, 2012

Download the November 11 Ta Yp' Opsin podcast

The November 11 Ta Yp' Opsin (Consider These) news roundup podcast (in Greek) available for download:
(Podcasting is the new face of radio journalism; a podcast is similar to a news radio program, delivers information on a regular basis and can even be listened to directly on your computer or smartphone. To listen to our Ta Yp’Opsin podcast, simply click the link to the podcast and choose to download it to your computer safely from Google in mp3 format, ready to listen to and replay at any time)

In the First Hour of Ta Yp' Opsin:
- “post-election stress syndrome”
- what we learned on election night
- Europe and the waiting game for Greece
- The future of the “bubble of the post-dictatorship era”
- A moderate to lead Syrian opposition
- China's next communist party chief and president

Plus, in the Second Hour:
- "Overdose" via the U.S. Postal Service
- the human vocabulary of Koshik the elephant
- $1 a minute for cuddling sessions
- breastfeeding dolls and transgender surgeries
- the regulars in bad dreams
- end the Christmas lists

Download here:

Ta Yp’Opsin (Consider These) weekly podcast with Greek Chicago journalists Elena Spilioti and George Zorbas. Discussion, analysis and great music!

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