Sunday, November 4, 2012

Download the November 4 Ta Yp' Opsin podcast

The November 4 Ta Yp' Opsin (Consider These) news roundup podcast (in Greek) available for download:
(Podcasting is the new face of radio journalism; a podcast is similar to a news radio program, delivers information on a regular basis and can even be listened to directly on your computer or smartphone. To listen to our Ta Yp’Opsin podcast, simply click the link to the podcast and choose to download it to your computer safely from Google in mp3 format, ready to listen to and replay at any time)

In the First Hour of Ta Yp' Opsin:
- The post- Sandy devastation in the East Coast
- Getting voters displaced by Sandy to polling stations
- What’s on the line on Tuesday’s election
- Crucial votes in Greek Parliament on austerity measures
- Strikes and disruptions expected in Athens
- Overhauling the Syrian opposition leadership
- A generational leadership change in China

Plus, in the Second Hour:
- Beijing lockdown: The 10 craziest new rules
- Vladimir Putin’s “sports injuries”
- Sweat and carbon dioxide in the Sistine Chapel
- The "Catholic Pravda" has come a long way
- Pets and Superstorm Sandy
- Movember … and MoBros
- Internet rolls into Bangladesh on a bike
- The 'Emergency Compliment' Generator

Download here:

Ta Yp’Opsin (Consider These) weekly podcast with Greek Chicago journalists Elena Spilioti and George Zorbas. Discussion, analysis and great music!

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