Sunday, November 17, 2013

The November 17 news roundup podcast Ta Yp' Opsin (Consider These)

This week on the podcast Ta Yp' Opsin:       

- repairs, legislative attacks and political damage of the Affordable Care Act
- anniversaries: The Athens Polytechnic uprising and the JFK assassination
- new urban guerrilla group declares start of campaign against Golden Dawn
- the legacy of Glafcos Clerides and a testing week for the Greek government
- concessions, compromise and the future of a German governing coalition
- Iran's “non-negotiable right” to enrich uranium defended and contested
- Assad gains ground, reinforces position, exploits fractious opposition
- bold set of economic and social reforms in China and a new era in Chile

- are greed and the insatiable desire for a good deal ruining Thanksgiving?
- medical tourism and the strange new front in the war over Obamacare
- financial incentives aim to boost a "stigmatized" practice in Britain
- 'Museum of Words', 'bribery phrases' and the "Black Pete" debate
- scandal of crack-smoking mayor puts media spotlight on Toronto
- 911 misuse: mean non-drinking neighbors and a snoring one-night stand

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